Thursday, 15 May 2014

5 skills employers seek in new grads

You may have the best training and the label of passing out from the best university or b-school in your Job application . But is that all the employing company seeks in you ? Your technological expertise alone won't necessarily enable you to get the job of your dreams . A prospective employer certainly expects more than simply technical skills in a potential candidate . In a series of surveys conducted by the University of Kent , UK , a set of soft skills continues to be listed out which is basically crucial for a potential candidate to focus on to get appointed . I personally believe the below mentioned skills are the most important skills which every employer looks for . Please read on and find out the reason why they are not hard to develop . 

1 . Interpersonal Communication Skills 
In almost any environment , powerful interpersonal skills work as a substantial advantage . These are generally life skills which we utilize in our day to day life to communicate and interact with other individuals . The way you deal with individuals decides your achievements at the professional and personal front Individuals with strong interpersonal skills are anticipated to have the capacity to to work in a team a team . This skill is crucial so that you are able to communicate efficiently with fellow employees and stakeholders . 

2 . Initiative and self-direction 
Initiative and self-direction are two faces of the same coin . One cannot really exist without the other . Initiative , as explained in the Oxford dictionary is "the potential or opportunity to perform or take charge before other individuals ." In simple words , it is the commitment shown by you , without being instructed or asked to do so . With knowledge comes self-confidence and with self-confidence comes the ability to take initiative , and take up duties . Almost every company wants to hire a potential candidate who will certainly perform the job assigned to him/her with minimum dependency . No company , wants to seek the services of applicants who requires hand-held at each and every step . The more you read through the more knowledge you will possess on the subject related to your field. Every one of you is capable of taking initiative and be self-directed . 

3 . Planning , organisation and ability to prioritize work 
Once hired , you will be working on numerous projects and may face deadlines that clash against the other . Hence , the skill of planning , organizing your work and prioritizing is very crucial . Generally in most of the employment interviews , you may come across questions like "how do you really manage precious time ?" The objective behind the query is to observe and evaluate how excellent you are in handling deadlines without getting hassled . To develop this ability , you need to begin your day at work by creating a list of work you have in hand .You should be able to understand the importance of each of the job , while additionally add newer tasks you get as the day advances . 

4 . Adaptability and flexibility 
When I say it is really good good to maintain your a 'to-do list' I don't mean you should be stringent . One of the expertise companies try to look for in their employees is the ability to adjust . One should be able to adjust effectively to transforming work environments and situations , keep calm during the 'change' stage and think immediately as so when the change occurs . This is an acquired expertise ; not all are fortunate with the characteristic of being flexible and adaptable With time and practical experience you can acquire this skill . Your ability to organize and arrange things will assist you to ace the art of overall flexibility . 

5 . Team player 
This is one top quality which each and every business enterprise stresses upon these days . Always keeping aside your individual desires and demands , you need to be a team player .No organisation can suffer simply because there is certainly lack of team players in the company . No job can be concluded alone ; even if you are employed as a particular person for a special role , you still need to work with the assisting teams to get your work completed . Therefore , being a team player is extremely important . A professional sports team would be the perfect example here . The overall performance and co-ordination between all the players is essential to win a match . While working in a team , the most crucial thing you need to do is recognize each other's best competencies . Use your strong points to benefit the team and encourage others to do so as well

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