Friday, 2 May 2014

SWAG Analysis to control Professional destiny

Do you have a notion that your career is stuck in neutral and your skilled destiny is within the hands of others? Rookies and seasoned professionals alike experience this sentiment once if not many times throughout their careers. The solution? Implement  SWAG analysis. And see the outcome

Most of the organizations conduct biannual 360-degree reviews which are tied to bonuses and other forms of recognition and are quite effective.

But there are companies which do not prefer implementing biannual 360-degree reviews. The managers there only talk about personal career growth.

simply adaptation of such system  will impact the  overall progress in the career advancement.

At time individuals join firms with modest or limited expectations. They under-promise and over-deliver.

Most of the times there achievements are not appreciated or the achievements are not transformed into a promotion. 

That’s where this SWAG analysis come in handy

The SWAG analysis is based on- Strengths, Weaknesses, Accomplishments, Goal and solve folowing purpose

It guides to  motivates grow professionally .

It Demonstrates self-awareness to identify both weaknesses and strengths.

It serves as documentation related to accomplishments.

It conveys that an individuals is focused on delivering his/her assigned goals.

The SWAG analysis can be used to benchmark your successes every six months. Eventually you will reach your well deserve goals, even a well deserve promotion.

The key takeaway is that you can take control of your career advancement and its a great tool for self-evaluation and communication to your managers.

If you’re in a very position of leadership at your company, use the SWAG analysis to empower your staff and foster an setting of self-assessment and goal-setting.

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