Thursday, 22 May 2014

7 Reasons why you should Say Good Morning to Your Colleagues

Saying ‘good morning’ really should not be difficult . Yet , there’s a growing trend , almost a rebellion , against saying these two simple words and phrases to our co-workers . It’s nothing like we’re required to salute , bend , kneel or curtsey . Even a casual nod and mumble will be a lot better than the absolutely nothing that’s now occurring at far too many work sites . 

Don’t become an important part of this rising trend . Experience the power of ‘good morning .’ Here are seven logical reasons why : 

1 ) It retains the standards of simple civility that we’re all entitled to at work . Like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ , these two types of little words also go a long way towards improving conversation and the overall atmosphere . 
2 ) ‘Good morning’ humanizes our colleagues . We’re real people , not just cogs in a pointlessly content spinning wheel . Show some humanity . 
3 ) Offers for a more unrestricted environment , where everyone from the Chief executive officer to the deliver clerk get to share in a friendly two-second exchange . 
4 ) It’s fast ( and relatively uncomplicated ) . If it is painful , you should probably be looking for a new job or scheduling time for some serious self-reflection . 
5 ) It’s free . 
6 ) Recognizing the mere presence of someone is interpersonal communications 101 . Don’t YOU want to be noticed ? You might tell yourself other-wise , but at the end of the day , we all want to be recognized . 
7 ) Saying ‘good morning’ makes things less uncomfortable when you inevitably have to address your co-worker later in the day . Start the day off on the right foot and avoid potential stressors later in the day . 
In accordance with Developmental psychology Today , early risers are generally more agreeable than those who prefer the P .M . hours . Morning people also have more stable personalities and lower levels of aggression , supporting the concept that serotonin is involved with keeping both moods and circadian rhythms regular . Gives new meaning to “you snooze , you lose .” 
So if someone is avoiding saying hello in the A .M . , you just got a sneak peek into their psychological surroundings . 

The start of each brand new day has a mystique regarding it . Think about it – most religions have morning services , a sunrise continues to serve as a generic symbol of hope , and a good cup of morning flavored coffee is still ( and rightly so ) worshipped . Regardless of whether we like it or not , we all partake in some semblance of this daily routine , no matter who we are , what we do or where we work . Making the words ‘good morning’ part of that schedule is part of the strategy to Make Work Better . If we can’t create even the most measly effort with our co-workers , it says a lot more about you than you might care to admit . 

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