Monday, 5 May 2014

How to Ensure The Company Is The Right Fit For You

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when considering employment offer , but one which often gets unnoticed is the organization culture on offer and how you will fit into it. 

Work is an extremely large element of all of our lives ; the truth is we most certainly spend much more time there than anywhere else . Therefore it is very important to stay in an environment that you enjoy and are more comfortable in . 

There are numerous businesses and organizations that take their interviewees around the business office and introduce them to team members who they could be working with 

it’s essential for the candidate to make inquiries about the culture within this process . Discover as much as you can – actually being at your workplace and conversing with individuals provides you a far better idea than a website or job description . 

Never forget culture is not just about Christmas event gatherings and enjoyment days or weeks out – it's also about the people at the very top being accessible to recommendations from everyone.

constantly encouraged individuals at all levels to recommend any specific ideas they may have . This is an excellent motivator , and displays them how highly valued they are . Ask your interviewer whether this is the case with their company . 

Do Ask your interviewer whether this is the case with their company 
But at the same time , you need to realize that the interviewers themselves will be asking you questions to see whether you match and allways remember employment interviews are a two way process in which both organization and applicant are making the effort to sell themselves .

Your own viewpoint to the actual work you do will provide the interviewer an ideal indication of your cultural fit . Do you see it as simply a job , or some-thing more important?

Obviously , no good manager will probably underestimate the importance of team mindset , so when it involves interviewing candidates , they really should try to know how you fit into the organization . They want to establish your actual personality and what you bring to the workplace outside of your work . 

This doesn’t mean you have to be a sociable , outgoing extrovert . Not everyone has that sort of personality and so there is absolutely nothing wrong with being more of an introvert . The most effective thing is that you are actually warm and receptive to your actual colleagues and make the effort with them . At the end of the calendar day , everybody prefers to work with people that they can get on with .

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