Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Signs You're the Problem at Work

The major reason setting up a startup interests many individuals is the fact that being your own boss--and the boss of others--is increasingly more appealing than than being an employee . 

Nevertheless because of the fact that you're the boss doesn't indicate the problems disappear . In reality , there seem to be more--clients , employees , investors , regulations--and at times , the biggest difficulty is you . Here are some ways to tell if some of your so-called issues could very well be fixed by changing your own behavior and attitude . 

You believe everyone's stupid . Everyone tends to make a recruiting mistake now and then , even specialist interviewers . But if your employees constantly misinterpret your directions , it's more likely you aren't interacting clearly . 

The fix : You really need help interacting . Occasionally this means recruiting an assistant who can understand exactly what you mean , but this kind of individual are not an easy thing to find . A significantly better bet may be recruiting an executive coach who specializes in communication expertise to get you proclaiming what you mean in a way that your staff can acknowledge . 

Revenues is high . Why should people keep walking out the front door ? Have a look at your own techniques and also see if the following apply : You don't advertise from within . You haven't given a increase in years . You minimize raises to a 5 percent maximum , whether or not you would have hired somebody outside the company at a higher rate . You answer negative feedbacks by damaging the owner of bad news . You don't compensate great overall performance . 

The fix : Encourage negative feedback , as it can definitely let you know what's going on , and acknowledge performance , always . Treat your employees like valuable team participants , and not just as individuals who owe you for their jobs . If you start doing this , the whole environment of your company will change , and your turnover will drop .

The fix: Did you actually lose that client owing to their prejudices, or was it as a result of your proposal wasn't pretty much as good as your competitor's? Is your lease due to your race, or as a result of you have got no history with business property and they are taking a risk on you? maybe additionaly more than not, you'll be creating yourself miserable by blaming your issues on one thing you cannot control--such as your race or sex--rather than deciding a way to improve on the items you'll be able to. 

You bully individuals to urge them to pay attention. If you are perpetually raising your voice or using foul language at the workplace, you are the problem--and a bully. it is not funny, and it is a sign of poor leadership once have to drop F- bombs all the time. If you're feeling you wish to be discouraging to urge workers to pay attention to you, it's possible they've learned what you say with politeness is unimportant. They solely jump after you scream as a result of you trained them to understand that screaming could be a sign of importance.

The fix: Gather your employees and apologize for all the yelling you have been doing. Tell them it is a unhealthy habit and you are going to prevent it. Any time you raise your voice, vow to place $5 in a very jar. At the top of the month, the workers will have a celebration with the funds. however in exchange for your lack of yelling, tell your workers you expect them to reply to your calm requests. Trust me, your workers can keep you in line with a celebration on the road.

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