Friday, 2 May 2014

Dress for Success

When dressing for an interview, it’s vital to recollect that the interviewer isn't viewing the label on your pants to see the designer (unless you’re going into fashion) or considering the frilly knot in your tie. the simplest interview fashion is fashion that the interviewer doesn’t even notice because they’re centered on what you’re saying and not what you’re carrying.

Easy basics include…

Now that you’ve got the fundamentals, don’t ruin your look by over accessorizing. an interview isn't the time for your fabulous ringing charm bracelet, six-inch sparkling heels or that SpongeBob tie your younger brother gave you.

Ladies: opt for straightforward and discreet jewellery that accentuates your outfit while not distracting. try sites like Stella & Dot or to seek out inexpensive styles.

Gentleman: continue a straightforward tie with soothing colors and a classic jewelry vogue.

Here are examples of what to wear

Women's Interview Attire
Solid color, conservative suit
Coordinated blouse
Moderate shoes
Limited jewelry
Neat, professional hairstyle
Tan or light hosiery
Sparse make-up & perfume
Manicured nails

Men's Interview Attire
Solid color, conservative suit
White long sleeve shirt
Conservative tie
Dark socks, professional shoes
Very limited jewelry

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