Friday, 9 May 2014

Free Up Your Time as Time Is Not Free

Your time is an investment in your future, therefore watch out how you spend it. Invest it in activities that provide you with a high return. you will be doing things in your ‘free time’ to assist your business, however any time you spend on work incorporates a value. Your ‘free’ time is truly not free in any respect.

Do not micro-manage, or interfere in basic tasks and processes at work. rather than fixing systems to manage the small stuff (like reading e-mail) – several entrepreneurs still ‘do’ a number of the small stuff. Some entrepreneurs argue that getting involved in everything ‘keeps them in touch’, helping them to know their own business, however it's a negative impact on several, preventing them from reaching successive level.

It additionally impacts on their whole life. All work and no play makes not solely Jack a boring boy – and Jill a boring girl… however will result in the divorce courts or medical aid, fast! bear in mind – investment time in your family, relaxation, and social life is efficacious too, and within the semipermanent, defrayal time with your kid is value way more than involving yourself in regular detail at work.

Anything that may be outsourced or done by someone else – should be. spending some time planning and building processes could be a high worth use of your time. Doing the method itself is low worth. Don’t waste your time on the inconsequential, long stuff. Instead, use now to contend with a lot of strategic development and pressing business problems that may produce a lot of financial gain or potency and drive your business forward.

Time is that the most precious factor we've got. check that your behaviours and actions replicate this. begin by activity some time and ‘charging’ your business what you must be paid. Do this, and you may be angry that you just’re ‘paying’ yourself most for tasks that you will source for a far 

So, what is a good investment of your time?

Driving the business forward.
Designing and building new processes
Purposefully networking.
Gathering valuable knowledge and skills.
Spending time on your personal development.
Having free time to develop your ideas
Spending quality time with people who matter to you: family and friends.
Follow the time-saving, life-liberating guidance I’ve given you, and take a ‘working holiday’ to work on your ideas. The longer the better! A week, a month, even a year! It might sound alien to your current working practices, but spending time with some big-thinking, creative and enthusiastic people can be far more valuable to you and your business than what it costs you in time and money. If you return to work a more dynamic, productive, successful person full of new ideas – what a great investment!

Invite interesting, creative people to join you. It is transformative! That’s why Richard Branson owns the island of Necker – his working life is like one long ‘working holiday’, spent in the company of exciting, innovative people who stimulate his thinking. Just as Einstein’s Theory of Relativity came to him while he was daydreaming (not while he was concentrating), Branson’s best business ideas have come to him during his ‘working holiday’ time.

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