Monday, 5 May 2014

5 Ways to Beat Procrastination

A raft of intellectual research studies have looked at why we put things off and the best ways to stop . Listed below are the top takeaways . 

Apparently , psychologists struggle with procrastination , too . At least that’s what one may conclude from a recent PsyBlog review of all the research studies that have been done on allowing things off and how to stop . Together with all this work on the subject , you would need to imagine that psychologists should have individual as well as professional motivations to identify a cure for procrastination . So what have the researchers come up with that business owners can put to use ? They offer no shortage of tips and hints . 

Set off Easy 
Starting is quite hard , but if you can get over that hump you’ll not only have certain amount of momentum , although your brain is more likely to annoy you to keep working on the task . Why ? It’s down to a psychological phenomenon called the Zeigarnik effect , which explains that unfinished assignments are more inclined to get stuck in your memory space . ( This is also why to-do list items completely arise in your head until you jot them down--a to-do list calms the Zeigarnik effect . ) 

Break It Down 
Massive tasks can be terrifying , and so we put them off . By taking that major job and breaking it down into its first few concrete assignments , you can reduce your very own fear and help your self get started . So as an alternative thinking , I have to complete giant Project X , consider , I have to email so-and-so to find out if she can meet to examine the design parameters next Tuesday . The former is scary . The latter is patently manageable . 

Want a handy technique on how to actually accomplish this in practice ? Just simply pay attention to the verbs you utilize to describe your tasks . 

Be Decent to Yourself 
You might believe that in order to beat procrastination try to be strict with yourself , but that’s not exactly what science says . If you’ve presently procrastinated , you’re more likely to get started on time going forward if you show yourself some understanding for your previous slacking rather rather than beating yourself up about it . 

Get hold of a Good Why 
Neither anyone would disagree with the common-sense truth that it’s much easier to get yourself to do something you appreciate , but rarely do most of us connect that easy truism with our anti-procrastination efforts . If you’re struggling to get a specific thing done , why not spend a few moments thinking a little more deeply about exactly why you want to do it . 

Be Cautious 
Perfectionism and fear of failure are at the roots of some procrastination . To beat this form , science suggests you begin with listening to your inner monologue and flagging any less than productive thinking . When you catch yourself saying things like This will be a catastrophe or I want this to be absolutely perfect ! 

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