Monday, 26 May 2014

Ways to be a good follower

Maintaining frequent communication with the manager is one in all the foremost needs to being an honest follower at work.

To be an honest leader in future, it’s vital to demonstrate oneself as an honest follower, a key factor in a person’s skilled development. Here are the skills which will create knowledgeable an honest follower and hence a better leader.

Frequent Communication
Maintaining frequent communication with the manager is one of the foremost must being a good follower at work.

“Leaders count on followers who are self-starters in their work, however who keep them sophisticated concerning what they're doing, and any challenges they will be experiencing, Most leaders have most popular strategies of communication. It may well be helpful to understand that.

High Commitment
A good follower at work is one who is trustworthy and totally responsible and has high commitment. they ought to be able to provide their 100% in finishing the roles while not craving for excuses on their half.

“If you aren’t going to complete it, or if you discover out on the approach you will not, let him/her understand in lots of time to supply facilitate or notice somebody who will.

Trust Matters
Good followers have to be compelled to have trust in their leaders or managers and their ability to steer the team. “Great leaders are often undermined by followers who criticise selections. smart followers have to be compelled to be trustworthy and clear in actions

Followers notice it simple to trust their supervisor once they (supervisors) don't seem to be solely competent, however even have concern for his or her followers and contemplate them to be trustworthy.”

High Motivation
To be an honest follower at workplace, one should have a high level of motivation to figure.This quality can facilitate them overcome troublesome within the method of achieving difficult goals

Also, to be an honest follower one ought to take initiative in seizing tasks and responsibilities. “They ought to be proactive in their approach by moving removed from “role taking” to “role making”. Thus, they ought to facilitate the work of their bosses.

Critical Thinking
To be an honest follower, you wish to be able to suppose for yourself. the simplest followers support and aid the leader once he or she is doing the correct factor, and arise to the leader once he or she is headed within the wrong direction.

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