Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Top Reasons- why working for a start-up is the Best oppertunity

If you hate the 9-to-5 drill and really care about learning new skills every day, look no further; join a start-up.

Working for one, we realised comes with its own set of enviable perks. Here are some we could think of...

1 . Your dress-code doesn't matter , your words do -Start-ups don't analyze you on what you may wear to work , but they Will certainly analyze you on what you express and more so on what you do . 

2 . There are certainly no fixed work-hours -There is absolutely no "awkward time" for making calls or getting work done . They work 24×7 . 

3 . They're always innovating -Entrepreneurs are expert analysts . They will notice your process and identify inefficiencies , setting up essential constructive opinions almost spontaneously . 

4 . They love creativeness - They may be impulsive and worth whacky ideas . They are surely risk-takers . In contrast , big businesses making their first videos prefer playing it safe . 

5 . You actually learn to do things -They pull out time to educate you on something or two about what they do . 

6 . They understand exactly why you're working -They know the worth of money and time , not only theirs , but yours too . Payments are fast , decisions are instinctively implemented and there's hardly any crying over spilt milk , if any . In short , entrepreneurs aren't afraid to move fast and break things . 

7 . They won't beat around the bush - They appreciate that management jargon is overrated ; they’ll speak with you in good old English . 

8 . They'll neglect your degree if you can prove yourself Your qualifications won't buy you any brownie points , forget about the CGPA . Not a single client  ask about your degrees . They don't possibly care if you're not a graduate yet ( we're almost there ) provided that you have a portfolio that speaks for you . 

9 . They're full of experiences -Entrepreneurs are a treasure trove of experiences . Every entrepreneur has a story . 
Just simply a meeting with an entrepreneur will leave you feeling a little bit richer . And if you need encouragement for their product/UX video , all you need to know is why they do what they do . 

10 . They'll acknowledge you - Entrepreneurs understand the price of goodwill and relationships . Having dealt with both concepts early-stage start-ups as well as big business ventures , we've come to notice that entrepreneurs from the former make a more conscious effort to keep in touch and recommend you .

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