Tuesday, 6 May 2014

How to Build Trust By Saying "No

There's few tangled reasoning going on regarding building trustful relationships . It goes like this : 

"If I try to make individuals happy by not disagreeing with them they are going to like me more . Therefore they'll believe me more due to the fact that I'm agreeable . Wow . Then when I require some-thing or wish for something available I'm more likely to obtain it . And if I'm the manager , that's good ." 

Perfect ? 
NoThink for a few minutes about the people--or person--you believe the most . Do they always say "yes ? Absolutely no . And that's the reason why you trust them . 

We believe individuals who have limits and also beliefs , then care as much as necessary to state what they are . An association of "yeses" simply leaves us suspicious at the best . 

Individuals don't have to be disagreeable in order to disagree . We regularly appreciate somebody who tells us not only that ( s )he sees things in a different way , but who then takes time and energy to calmly explain "why ." Taking time to explain "why" is a sign of respect toward us . 

Whenever you mean "yes" say "yes ." Whenever you mean "no" say "no ." And also communicate your reason . 

In an era that seems to beg for leadership , emerge as someone who individuals want to follow simply because they trust that you mean what you say . A sincere "no" to others will get you an honest "yes" on their trust scale.

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