Thursday, 22 May 2014

5 Ways to Enhance Your Morning Routine at Work

Do you possess a morning routine once you start your day at the office ? If so , do you feel like you’re obtaining the most out of it ? Don’t worry , in this post you will understand 5 approaches to improve your schedule at work , and more . 

According to an Accountemps survey , 58% of chief financial officers ( CFOs ) said reading electronic mail is the first thing they do at the office . Working on a project was a distant second ( 13% ) , and 11% start their morning routine by creating a to-do list . 

Here are a few suggestions for improving your early morning routine . 

Identify your most important priorities . invest 15 minutes to recognize your most important and time-sensitive projects . Making a prioritized to-do checklist will allow you to begin on the right track —and can function as a road map to stay focused and productive all through the day . Determining a game plan on Monday mornings is specially extremely important to map out crucial tasks for the rest of your week . 

Don’t allow email own you . Be well organized and allot yourself a fixed amount of time to examine your inbox in the morning , then move forward . Additionally , don’t feel compelled to open and respond to every message the instant it arrives . 

Keep in mind digital distractions . Much like your email email inbox , the Internet is full of potential distractions . Don’t get caught in this entrap ! Click with caution and keep your eye on the clock . Generally , you shouldn’t spend more than a couple of minutes of your morning schedule checking news headlines or checking social media . 

Concentrate on one thing at a time . Every professional needs to multitask to certain degree . But continually tackling several tasks at the same time is mentally nerve-racking and can lead to expensive mistakes . When focusing on a project , particularly a high-profile one , give it your full attention . 

Declutter daily . Struggling to discover files due to poor organizational abilities wastes time and creates potentially dangerous stress . Save yourself the headache by investing a few minutes at the end of the day to tidy up your actual physical workspace and digital desktop . Doing so will enable you to get off to a swift start the following morning . 

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