Wednesday, 28 May 2014

You Shouldn't Look For A Job At Work

You should not carry out your job search while on the job ; it may well cost you your current situation and put future possibilities in jeopardy , too . Avoid being marginalized at the workplace simply because everyone knows you're looking for an alternative job .

Always keep these pointers in mind when you're searching for employment to avoid obtaining trapped between a rock and a hard place at work :

Don't perform your research while at your workplace or using office equipment .

Do you realize your boss is possibly spying on you ? Of course , it's completely legal for your employer to monitor exactly what you're doing while at the workplace or when using business equipment . The larger your organization , the more likely it is that checking software is installed to track exactly what you're doing while at work .

Which means if you're spending some time surfing job boards , reading through job search recommendation while at the workplace or using your work-issued computer system or emailing cover letters to prospective employers , your currentemployer may well know about it and could dismiss you as a consequence . ( Check your company's policies ; it could possibly be against the guidelines to use your computer for any personal business at all . ) It's inconvenient if you don't have your own computer and use your work laptop for personal business , but be aware your work computer is fair game for your current employer to track and prevent using it to conduct job search business .

Don't leave a electronic digital trail .

Making use of LinkedIn along with other social media tools will help you land a job , but if it's crucial that you keep your search undisclosed , you'll want to be cautious not to leave a breadcrumb trail online leading your employer to uncover your job hunt . Some vital steps to take to maintain privacy on LinkedIn :

Hide your current activity updates in LinkedIn .

There's no requirement for your current boss to receive an alert each and every time you update your status , is there ? When making changes to your LinkedIn user profile doesn't necessarily mean you're looking for employment , frequent curation and consistent changes that may be necessary when you're in an active search could land you in hot water . Visit your "Privacy and Settings" on LinkedIn and also select "Turn On/Off Your Activity Broadcasts ." Ensure that you uncheck the box that allows LinkedIn to let people know when you've made changes to your profile .

Be stealth whenever you search .
If you're browsing a lot of profiles via LinkedIn , you might not want to make people know . While your in the midst of your search , change the setting in LinkedIn labeled "Select what other people see when you've viewed their profile ." You may want to briefly change it to "Anonymous" during your in-depth online investigations .

Join groups privately .
Whenever you join groups on LinkedIn , you have the choice to not advertise your regular membership on your profile . Just scroll down to "Groups" on the bottom of your profile and hide any group's icon from your own page . Be aware , open public groups are not good places to publish about your job search or to rant negatively about your present employer . Even if you hide your membership , someone could possibly still see your updates in that group .

Don't presume you are anonymous in any social network .
If you're being a part of Twitter chats , Google communities or hangouts or any online community forum , presume your boss has access . Unless you are exceptionally good at maintaining your anonymity , you should believe everything you need to do or say online is public . That includes updates to your "friends" on Facebook .

It's a challenge to manage a confidential job search , but conditions such as the one of the photo editor remind all of us how easy it is to make a mistake . Be careful and attentive when you're on the prowl for a new job and also you'll be much more likely to be successful keeping your plans to yourself until you're ready to make a big announcement .

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