Thursday, 8 May 2014

Rules for Winning

Individuals ask me at all times , "How am I going to emerge as a successful entrepreneur ?" And I have to be truthful : It's one of my least preferred questions , as if you’re waiting for someone else's guidance to emerge as an entrepreneur , likelihood is you're not one . 

However there are a few factors that differentiate genuine entrepreneurs , and if you have them , you're starting in the correct place . 

Genuine entrepreneurs have the three Ps ( and , trust me , none of them stands for permission ) . Genuine entrepreneurs have a passion for what they're doing , a problem that needs to be resolved , and a objective that pushes them forward . Discover your passion , your problem and your purpose , and you won't need to seek advice from anyone’s before pursuing your dream . 

Step 1 : Discover a passion 
Not a single person works harder than an entrepreneur setting up a business , but if you ask one about work/life balance , you won’t hear the usual gripes in relation to long , exhausting days . Why ? Because genuine entrepreneurs have a devotion for what they’re doing , so work doesn’t feel like work . It’s rejuvenating and fun . It may seem like outrageous at times to someone else , but there’s nothing else you’d rather be carrying out . 

Step 2 : Discover a problem and resolve it 
Each and every breakthrough business idea begins with resolving a very common problem . The bigger the issue , the bigger the opportunity . 

We’re still at it , even as individual and business computing requirements have radically changed . ( Your industry will change , too , trust me . ) Today we’re using our similar approach to produce latest data centers and commercial software , services and solutions . We’re addressing our customers’ most appropriate needs by assisting them to analyze , secure and manage their valuable information with alternative technologies that are open , affordable and accessible . 

New and exciting business opportunities are all around us , and they almost always start with a problem . Find a problem you think you can fix and you're well on your way . 

Step 3 : Find an objective 

While an obsession and a problem might be enough to start a small business , it’s purpose that brings fulfillment . be honest and find our purpose for Example 

purpose is to enable human potential by accelerating the adoption of technology on a global scale , and in turn opening the door to growth , productivity and opportunity for people everywhere .

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