Thursday, 8 May 2014

Can a Company Love You Back?

At the moment , after a few years invested in consulting with some incredible organizations and leaders , what I’ve discovered is the fact that while businesses can’t love , great leaders and co-workers can . And those sort of positive working relationships are fueled by deliberate , environmentally friendly and vibrant corporate cultures . 

The extraordinary bosses who run these cultures worry about their people , they challenge them with clear objectives , cheer for their achievements , and want them to be happy in their business and personal lives . When we find leaders like that , we typically go the extra mile and don’t want to disappoint . ” 

And then our boss gets promoted or transferred , and everything can change . 

In its latest analysis , The Gallup Organization estimates only one in 10 people truly have the potential to be a good administrator . And yet in their paper “Why Great Managers are so almost unobtainable ,” the researchers estimate a leader accounts for at least 70 percent of employee engagement across a company . Wow . That might explain why only 30 percent of U .S . employees are engaged . It’s as low as 13 percent worldwide . 

So , what to do ? 

Unquestionably we must add value in our positions and be efficient at what we do . That’s a given . But what follows are three other plain things you can do to safeguard yourself from adjustments that will inevitably come in your company , so you can maintain a good attitude and positive career trajectory : 

1 . Surround yourself with good people
Employees are the culture of a company , not the values or mission uploaded on a wall . Spend time with people who encourage you . Those who survive big adjustments frequently have several high-level mentors , who are not their bosses , who they can turn to for guidance and who will have their back . They also choose a network of work friends as carefully as they chose their friends in their personal lives , and they nurture those important relationships with time and effort . 

2 . Stay clear of bad bosses
This may sound like officious recommendation , but it’s awesome how often people choose to go to work for a new boss without doing even the most simple of background checks . Bad leaders get into even the best of organizations , which means there are egotists and narcissists out there who feel lifted up when others fail , pit workers against each other , and rejoice in wielding unholy power . Before you acknowledge a job with a new boss , ask a few friends who’ve worked with them about their global recognition . Do they listen closely , do they care , do they develop other individuals ? Don’t think you can change a bad manager , you can’t . 

3 . Get some advice
When everything do get tough , or you are offered with an opportunity that looks encouraging , seek council . History’s most wise leaders all had councilors , and so should we . Take advice from people who have your best interests at heart : past leaders , mentors , and most of all friends and family . Trust their recommendation the most .

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