Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Why Remote Work Can Help

So why, and how, will remote work facilitate counteract the cons of "face time"? Here are four reasons to include remote work into your company culture and why it will facilitate turn around the common “face time” management problems:

1. Remote work depends on measurable goals – though remote work can desire it’s loosening the grip on your staff, it’s truly a lot of regarding process the goals a lot of tightly. For remote work to achieve success, it’s key to spot elements of the work which will be done once operating independently by phone, email, or laptop. “Companies who offer staff a lot of autonomy have each right to expect accountability. That begins with clearly and expressly process what success sounds like in any given job, and creating that, instead of face time, the measuring stick.

2. Measurable goals are easier to manage effectively – By recognizing the expectations of the role, it’s a lot easier for managers to remain on a similar page with their staff relating to their performance. because the manager of over forty remote employees, I realize remote working to be a simpler bellwether in revealing a tangle with performance, as a result of I’m regularly centered on their actual productivity and fewer distracted by potential false indicators

3. workers are a lot of productive with an overseas work part. – In an intensive employee engagement scientific research, town found that workers using remote work choices were a lot of actively engaged in their work than if they ne'er worked remotely. the foremost engaged ranges were found to be once an worker spent 20%-50% of their time operating remotely, and also the remainder of the time within the workplace. therefore giving a mixture of in-office and remote work lends itself to higher productivity, it is smart since several employees complain regarding in-office distractions like colleague interruptions, wasted meeting time, and workplace politics all obstructive productivity

4. Autonomy makes staff more productive – Another point that produces good sense is that after you treat your staff like adults, and provides them more control over how they get their job done, that they act like adults and truly get their job done. however after you treat them like kids who have to be compelled to be watched and monitored, they're additional possible to act like kids. “Studies show that folks who have management over once and wherever they work are additional productive and have better morale and loyalty

Despite typically being throw away as a neglected, misunderstood step-child once it involves work productivity, remote work may be a fantastic tool to counteract the failings inherent with “face time” management. Let's dispel the myths regarding face time -- and physical presence as a mistaken gauge for productivity -- once and for all.

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