Thursday, 15 May 2014

Eight tips for making yourself an appealing applicant .

Eighty percent of highly competent candidates don't get the job offer because they don't understand the search process or make unnecessary mistakes . 

So here we go , eight tips for making yourself an appealing applicant . 

We prefer Joyful , Smiley Individuals -- Primary reason you failed to get the job offer ? They don't like you . No one wants to hire a unpleasant , irritated executive that is still obsessing about being laid off or terminated at the last job . Put on your joyful face and smile . 

Education and learning -- Absolutely no hate email please . There are a variety of legitimate reasons you failed to go to college . I'm not here to evaluate . I'm here to enable you to get a job . If you don't possess a college degree , consider getting one , even if it is through an online institution . Not in a position to do that ? There is a simple answer : Just apply to organizations that don't require a college degree . 

Job Hopping -- This might be acceptable at lower remuneration levels , however as you go up the pay ladder , the expectation is going to be a minimum of three years in your current position and no more than 3 jobs in the last 10 years . Sure , there are feasible reasons for moving 5 times in 5 years , but next time you land , make sure to stay for a while . 

Attire to Make an impression on -- Pull out your very best suit . You can not overdress . For men , rumpled suits , scuffed shoes or poor cleanliness are deal killers . For ladies , ignore short skirts and/or low-cut blouse are deal killers . Appear like a million dollars -- the kind of professional the company wants to recruit . As mentioned earlier , THIS IS A COMPETITION . 

Important relationships Trump Talent -- So just why do so many average professionals get great jobs while proficient people sit on the sidelines ? Simply because important relationships trump talent -- period . At the senior level there is a 90 percent option your next job comes through an acquaintance that is a Board Member , a CEO you worked with previously , or your professional network . Stay in touch ! Don't be the guy that calls once every five years when you need a job . 

The Perfect Candidate Does Not Always Get the Job -- The best well prepared candidate does . Do your research . Check out the organization website and scan the Internet for information on the company and its executives . Formulate three intelligent questions to ask during the interview process . Remember that the company is the CEOs baby , and they just love to talk about their baby ! 

Request the Order -- In this situation , ask for the responsibility . If the job interview goes perfectly and you like what you know , make your last remark to the interviewer , "Based on our conversation , I would absolutely love to join your team ." Trust me , most people don't do this . If you want the job , ask for it . 

The Grass is NOT Always Greener -- On a regular basis get resumes from professionals making $500 ,000 that want to make a million dollars . In this economic system , the grass is not always greener . If you have an excellent job , praise God . Wait , if you have ANY job , praise The almighty . 

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